President Goals

Parent Teacher Student Association
16301 SW 80th Ave, Palmetto Bay, FL 33157

Southwood Middle School’s successful leadership in administrative, parental and educational involvement has been proven by its continued growth and many accomplishments. We need your involvement to continue the school’s success.

General membership Meetings
Meetings are held on a quarterly basis, for the general PTSA. These meetings provide a forum for questions and answers with administrators, teachers, parents and students. The board of the PTSA will provide reports on the progress of each of the PTA’s committees. Additionally, PTSA meetings take place monthly. These meetings do not require attendance by all PTA members, but they are always open.

Current Goals: Media Center Upgrades
Southwood PTSA works closely with the school administration and faculty to determine pressing needs. This school year, we have collectively determined that the school is in need of upgrades to the Media Center. We will re-design the current Media Center to be a modern, welcoming place where students can meet with tutors to read and work one-on-one in a quiet environment, without distraction. We will transform our current space into a comfortable area conducive to learning and teaching. We will also designate wall space for a revolving exhibit of student artwork. Students, parents and faculty will be filled with pride when they see their artwork framed and displayed where everyone can see it. A selected area will be blocked off, to create a Parent/ Teacher Involvement Center – this will give Teachers and Parents a place to meet and work together on school projects, with the intent that it will become a valuable resource to engage and help parents become more effective proponents of their children’s education. As important, the Parent/Teacher Involvement Center will signal parents that Southwood Middle School welcomes their presence and encourages their involvement.

Because this project is so costly, it will be done in multiple phases. The PTSA needs to contribute, via its fund-raising activities, $15,000 as this year’s portion of the project. Our collective efforts will be critical to this project’s success.

Grants & Awards
The PTA is always seeking and applying for grants to help our school and its success.

Social Events
Southwood Middle PTSA will continue its tradition and organize an annual Dinner and Silent Auction – a festive community dinner that dedicates all raised funds for Southwood teachers to use for supplies and materials in the classroom. This Dinner also serves as a “welcome” party for all of the Southwood families.

In 2017-2018, the PTSA will be incorporating additional social events to help bring the “Southwood family” together and promote a positive school spirit. These events will be: Southwood Movies on the Lawn, Southwood Family Heat Night and our Festival Under the Stars. Dates and information for these events will be announced in the near future.

School-based, Local, Regional, & National Field Trips
Members of the PTSA assist teachers with seeking and organizing enriching trips for all our students. At times, the field trips consist of in-school activities, such as workshops on theatre, and cultural traditions. Other times, students travel to the destination for an experience to remember. On occasion, PTSA members have successfully secured trips free of charge with transportation and tickets included. Often our PTSA has provided financial assistance to students who otherwise could not afford to participate in off-site events.

Community Engagement
The PTSA has been volunteering with community organizations such as Chapman fields, to help build a stronger community and a sense of community pride. PTSA members also actively work alongside the Village of Palmetto Bay, to promote neighborhood improvement.

Teacher Support
In addition to the funds from the annual fundraising, the PTA has annually worked with teachers to help them fulfill their needs and to help to make Southwood a positive learning and working environment.

Physical Plant & Educational Material
The Southwood PTSA Board continues to work alongside the administration to make other school improvements. For example, the PTSA has aided in purchasing and installing the school’s mural, supplemented the costs for athletic uniforms, paid for magnetic covers for classroom doors, purchased a banner printer which the school uses to market magnet programs, and provided classroom materials to numerous faculty. These programs and materials are funded through PTSA fundraising efforts, and we will continue to do so this school year.